Causes for infertility and the fertility treatment that is available May 28, 2017

fertility treatment

This is a short factual account on the reasons why one in every six couples in the UK is unable to conceive or get pregnant. You cannot statistically be included in this group if you have not yet been to a fertility specialist or gynecologist, but if you are able to recognize any of the following causes, then you could agree that it would be a sensible decision to schedule a first appointment with your medical examiner who can then determine through his or her own diagnosis whether or not you could be eligible for fertility treatment.

This short examination focuses on the female causes of infertility. So, without further ado, let us briefly outline some of them for you here.  As a woman, it is quite possible that you may have ovulatory problems. Your fallopian tubes could also be damaged. Your uterus could also be negatively affected. And in any case, as a mature lady over the age of thirty five, you should accept that is quite natural for your ability to fertilize eggs to steadily decline.

Apart from the last point, only specialized clinical tests will be able to determine whether you have any of these medical conditions. No need to stress or panic about this, as your specialist will quite rightly be telling you, because there is treatment and care for these conditions. Speaking of which, it is also becoming a little more common for high stress and anxiety levels to hold back your reproductive organs. And again, do relax, because this is something that therapy can put right for you.

You should be able to decide for yourself if you are holding yourself back from conceiving. Only you know whether you are heavily overweight or are a heavy drinker or smoker. With a little help from your medical friends and counselors, these are things that can, over time, be nipped in the bud. Poor lifestyle choices and not looking after yourself could have led to diabetes. In some cases, diabetes cannot be eradicated.

But it can be professionally managed. And it does not need to prevent you from falling pregnant once you are healthy again. Really ladies, if you have been struggling one more year too many, the only way you can pull this right is by scheduling an appointment with your GP. It is he or she who will be able to determine whether you need to go for fertility tests. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from approaching a clinic yourself.

If you are way out of town, that does not need to be a logistical challenge anymore, because you can approach the fertility clinic directly online. Online, you can enter into a consultation process with an appointed consultant. And if needs be, the clinic can still arrange for necessary tests. It appears the case that they already know the lay of the land, as it were, where the country’s health services are concerned.

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