True Value of the Best M.2 SSDs of 2017 May 17, 2017

A lot of people ask us why someone would want to spend more money to get a SSD instead of a HDD on their computer, and we have to give you a full explanation of this situation. The fact is that if you are an average computer user, you may not think that you are going to gain from having a SSD on your desktop or laptop. But the truth is that the SSD will change the way you are experiencing computer use, you just do not know it yet as you have not experienced anything different from the standard HDDs that come with most PCs.

Best M.2 SSDs of 2017

Let us start with the biggest benefit: speed. If you have a SSD as your main computer drive, then you are going to notice a level of speed from your system that you had never thought was possible. Even high end computers that come with only a HDD are going to take between 30 to 90 seconds to open up your OS desktop from the moment you press the power button. But a mid-range laptop with a SSD will get the job done in under 20 seconds, without a problem. How? Because the SSD is a much faster type of hard drive.

If you want to read more, you can check out the second on the Best M.2 SSDs of 2017, as it explains the benefits of these SSDs over the regular HDD that you will find in most computers that come off the shelf. The fact is that you should not be getting any other type of hard drive for your system. It makes no sense for you to go for a system that only has a HDD, unless you are trying to spend less than $300 on your new machine.

Now you may be asking, how will I get all that file space that I want to put in my movies, shows and games? The answer is that you will have a laptop that has both the SSD and HDD in there. Many laptops these days come without a DVD or Blu-Ray drive, since we rarely need those drives anymore. Instead of having the drive, they will have two hard drives put into the laptop. The SSD is your main drive where the operating system is going to go, while the HDD is there to store all your larger files so you are not compromising.

There is nothing like having a SSD on your computer. In fact, a lot of people go ahead and replace the HDD on their old laptop with a SSD, and they notice a massive increase in performance. There are so many people we have spoken with who told us that they were ready to spend $500 to $1000 on a new laptop as they were sick of how slow their machine was running. But then they added a SSD to their old laptop and took out the HDD, and they noticed their system was rapid once again!

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